Scientific Papers - FCRE

Marx, A., McFarlane, D.A., and Alzahrani, A. (2017). UAV data for multi-temporal Landsat analysis of historic reforestation: a case study in Costa Rica. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 38 (810), 23312348

Redondo_Brenes, A., , Chiu, A., and Snow, S. 2010. Small-scale restoration efforts using mixed-tree plantations in the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor, Costa Rica. Tropical Resources Bulletin 29:27-32.

Roberts, W., McFarlane, D. A., and Christenson, K. 2009. Integrated magnetic and global positioning satellite mapping of the Firestone Reserve, Costa Rica.  Journal of Maps 2009:166-169     Accompanying Map

Miller R. B. and McFarlane D. A. 2008. A preliminary investigation into Hayne estimates of Poison Dart Frog (Anura: Dendrobatidae) densities in recovering tropical forest habitats, southwestern Costa Rica.  Herpetological Conservation and Biology 3(2) 289-294

Christenson K. and McFarlane D.A. 2007.  An ecologically-significant range extension for Hahn's short-tailed fruit bat (Carollia subrufa) in southwestern Costa Rica. Chiroptera Neotropical 13(2):319-321.

Scientific Papers GENERAL

Sanches-Azofeifa, G. A. et al., 2007. Costa Rica's payment for environmental services program: Intention, implementation, and impact. Conservation Biology 21(5):11-65-1173.

Aide and Grau  2004.   Globalization, Migration, and Latin American Ecosystems. Science Vol. 305. no. 5692, pp. 1915 - 1916

UN FAO  State of the Forests 2009. (warning - 13.5 MB download!)

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