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          volume 1(1) April 2006   [ pdf download]

          volume 1(2) September 2006 [ pdf download ]

          volume 2(1) March 2008 [ pdf download ]

          volume 3(1) March 2009 [ pdf download ]

          volume 3(2) September 2009 [ pdf download ]

FCRE Institutional Report (2013)   [ pdf download ]

Natural History Library Inventory

Species Identification Keys and Resources

Reserve Technical Reports and User Protocols

Scientific Papers

Summer Undergraduate Research Reports

               Haber, Emily. (2005)  Baseline assessment of butterfly biodiversity and community composition. [ pdf download ]

           Llewellyn, Elspeth. (2005) Stand dynamics of secondary forest growth. [ pdf download ]

           Wheeler, Christopher. (2005) Spatial ecology of leafcutter ants.  [ pdf download ]

           Haber, Emily. (2006). Continued baseline assessment of butterfly biodiversity [ pdf download ]

           Aleman_Zometa, Jenny. (2006) Water quality assessment of primary and secondary forest streams. [ pdf download ]

          Janes, Kelly. (2006) Anuran biodiversity and Call Analysis. [ pdf download  ]

           Hill, Alicia. (2007) Acoustical survey of anuran diversity. [ pdf download ]

           Scott, Sam. (2007) Stream flow and sediment load at the Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology [ pdf ]

           Schultz, Emily. (2007) Comparative assessment of water quality in primary and secondary rainforest [ pdf ]

           Shih, Juliet (2008) Acoustical Analysis of Anuran Density and Diversity at the Firestone Center for Restoration

                  Ecology in Barú, Costa Rica. [ pdf download ]

          Binder, Alexandra (2007)  A continued baseline assessment of fruit-feeding Nymphalid butterfly

                abundance and diversity   [ pdf download ]

          Devyn Parks (2012) Automated camera trapping of mammals on the Firestone Reserve, [ Powerpoint ]

Undergraduate Theses

  Haber, Emily (2006) The effects of habitat type and disturbance on the species-richness of fruit-feeding butterflies at the Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology in Costa Rica.  Abstract or Thesis or Appendix 1 or App 2 or App 3

 Miller, Jennie. (2007) Population densities of poison dart frogs in a regenerating tropical forest as measured by the Hayne  Estimator.        Abstract  or  Thesis or Published Paper

 Chen, Garwen, and Mahlab, Sarah (2008) Examining forest recovery through soil surveys.  Abstract or Thesis or Appendices.

Poutasse, Rachel (2010) The Spatial Distribution of Attine Ant Nests on the Firestone Center for
Restoration Ecology, Costa Rica. Abstract or

Pera, Gizelle (2011). Canopy demographics at the Firestone Reserve, Costa Rica. Abstract or Thesis

Alquiteal, Anna. (2014) Bioacoustic analysis software as a tool for amphibian identification in southwestern Costa Rica THESIS

Directed Independent Studies

              Chiu, A. and Snow, . (2008). Assessment of mixed Terminalia amazonica  plantations.  [ pdf ]

Pulitzer, Doty and Topik (2007) Petroglyphs of the Firestone Reserve [pdf]

Cohen, Josh. (2010) The Potential for a Micro-Hydroelectric System at the FCRE
Evaluating Environmental, Social, and Financial Costs of Energy Use. [pdf]

Sachs, A. (2006) The Indigenous Peoples of the Barú River Valley: Mapping Petroglyphs on the FCRE, Locating Sites Outside the FCRE, and Interviewing Huaqeros. [PDF]

Halsey, Jack. 2017. Soils of the Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology  [  PDF  ]