Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

2017 marks our 13th consecutive year!

The  Firestone Reserve is managed to minimize user impact. All research proposals are reviewed by the Director of Research, whose decisions are guided by the research agenda.  Proposals should be carefully designed to contribute to the goals of the research agenda, and must not conflict with other approved research projects. 

Claremont Undergraduates:    Each summer, the Keck Science Department sponsors a number of funded summer research opportunities for undergraduate students.  We will consider applications from students at any of the 5 Claremont Colleges, although KSD is only able to fund applicants from CMC, Pitzer, and Scripps. We anticipate 4 -6 slots each year.  These research projects do not require prior experience of ecological fieldwork, but do demand a high level of enthusiasm and commitment. Applicants do not need to be science majors (but they must be science enthusiasts!), and can be freshmen, sophomores or juniors at the time of application (seniors may be considered, but generally cannot be funded through the KSD summer program). Research topics vary from year to year, but are focused on baseline biodiversity assessments and associated studies of the changing biotic and abiotic environment. 

Applications are solicited in the Fall semester.

            Summer 2017 (applications due Fall 2016) contact Prof. McFarlane


          Summer  Research Reports can be downloaded from the 'Library" page.

        Summer research 'Powerpoint' presentations can be downloaded here.